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Wisteria, originally uploaded by rotheche.

A closeup of some of the wisteria flowers that bloom just outside our kitchen window. This is taken from inside the kitchen, using a longer lens.

One of the fun parts about Guild Wars 2 is the crafting system.  I should keep better track of this, so I don't have so much crossover.

Character nameProfessionArmourCrafts
Lilli VarssMesmerLightChef
Ekatta VarssEngineerMediumJeweller
Bereya VarssNecromancerLightJeweller
Rrala VarssElementalistLightArtificer

So, I have three characters who wear light armour, and all of them are tailors (the craft that makes light armour).  However, Lilli could be the armourer for all three and build her crafting skills more quickly that way.

The full list of crafts and what they make:
  • Armoursmith: Heavy armour, rune and metal boxes
  • Artificer: Magical weapons (focus, staff, scepter, trident), sigils, potions and tuning crystals
  • Chef: Food and dyes
  • Huntsman: Wooden weapons and firearms (harpoon guns, longbows, pistols, rifles, shortbows, torches, warhorns), sigils and maintenance oils
  • Jeweller: Jewelry (earrings, necklaces and rings), and jewels
  • Leatherworker: Medium armour, runes and leather packs
  • Tailor; Light armour, runes and cloth bags
  • Weaponsmith: Metal weapons (axes, daggers, greatswords, hammers, maces, shields, spears, swords), sigils and sharpening stones
The crafts in bold are the ones I have covered.  To get full coverage, I should switch either Bereya or Rrala from Tailor to Huntsman.  Since Rrala's lower level, I'll switch her.

Orange flower

Orange flower, originally uploaded by rotheche.

I'm very pleased: my little Olloclip (a macro/wide/fisheye lens set that clips onto an iPhone 4) had gone missing. I found it again, which saved me $60 on a replacement :D

To celebrate, a little flower photography. The blue of the background is an accident of white balance, but I like it.

Bees and flowers

Bees and flowers, originally uploaded by rotheche.

It's the first day of spring today, and it's just about perfect. Blue sky, warm breeze; the flowers are out on the fruit trees in the front yard, and the bees are out on the flowers. Perfect.

What I am delaying...

In the last few weeks, I've started doing a Certificate IV Training and Assessment, and I'm working on the first assessment task.  The first part of it is driving me insane, because it's not actually working on the actual topic.  It's more the basic principles--defining the VET (vocational and educational training) structure, what is AVETMISS, AQF, all that sort of thing.  It's deadly dull--and, since I won't be working in the VET field but rather as a trainer and designer of training for my employer, it's pretty pointless too.

But I'm nearly done with it, and then I can move onto actual practical work and exercises, which are far more interesting.

Clean desk

Clean desk, originally uploaded by rotheche.

This is what happens when I would rather not do what I have to do. Cleaning up the desk makes a splendid delaying tactic.

Travel planned

My husband and I are heading back to the US in December, to spend Christmas with his folks.

The plan:
  • Fly from Melbourne to Los Angeles and from there onto Seattle, spend the night in Seattle
  • Next morning, do a little looking around Seattle (underground city tour is likely) and then get to the train station that afternoon
  • Train from Seattle to Chicago, about a 48-hour trip
  • Spend the night in Chicago and then fly to Orlando
From there, we spend time with the in-laws, and fly home again between Christmas and New Years, back in Australia for New Years Eve.

Most of the travel is booked, so we're all set.



What do you know: Firefox still remembers my password for here.  Heh.

It's not often one of our cats cooperates, photographically speaking.